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About Generative AI

Better Than Content-Aware Fill?

While I have explored only the nearest reaches of the increasingly vast galaxy of Generative AI, I made an interesting discovery. I often use content-aware fill to fix problem areas in photos I’m processing. But recently I started by selecting the problem area, and then, instead of clicking content-aware fill, I go to the new floating task bar and click Generative Fill but DO NOT include any kind of prompt. The AI genie sets to work and, using pixels and imagery derived from my own photo, generates a fill that is nearly always far superior to the result I get if I use content-aware fill. In my experience, Generative Fill samples the rest of the image for source material more effectively than content-aware fill. I’ve found it especially useful in fixing part of a sky.       -Steve Silk

Thanks to Steve Potashner for the following links!

A Free Guide to Using Generative AI in Photoshop

Well known online educator Matt Kloskowski has just made available a useful free E-book with simple tips and ideas for using Adobe’s Generative AI. Download it here.

Master Class in Adobe Firefly

Firefly is the catchy name Adobe came up with for its suite of Generative AI capabilities. You can learn a whole lot about Firefly in this free online video class from Adobe. Watch it here.

Is It Real or Is It AI?

The COPS AI Committee debated whether or not one could tell if an image contained elements produced by Generative AI. As it turns out, you can – at least you can if it was done in Photoshop. Adobe has introduced a new class of metadata that a Photoshop user can choose to embed in image files that records the use of the Adobe AI engine, Firefly, when editing an image. The new metadata class is called Content Credentials. The Content Credentials in Photoshop can be turned on or off – the default setting is “off”. This video illustrates how to use Content Credentials in Photoshop at the 11:15 min mark.

Use of Generative AI in Adobe Software Will Not Be Free After Nov. 1, 2023

Explanations are contained in this video and in this article.

Photoshop, Generative Fill, Canyon sunrise with horse.