Next competition – important dates
Open: 2/3/23
Deadline: 2/16/23, 11:59 pm 
Competition: 2/20/23

Specified Topics for 2022/23 Competition:
This is a competition category judged each month with a particular theme.
Competition Month Specified Topic
September Nature (PSA Rules apply)
October Backroads/City Streets
November Light Painting
January “N” is for…
February Looking Up
March Slow Shutter Speed (Motion Blur)
April Backlighting/ Sidelighting

As part of the routine operation of Charter Oak, members submit their images to the club in print or electronic form for competitions, both at the club and the inter-club level, as well as for display to the public, both physically and on the world wide web.

Images submitted to Charter Oak typically contain a copyright that belongs to the maker of the image. It is the responsibility of the maker to protect his or her copyright. It is also the responsibility of the maker to obtain any necessary permissions or releases from third parties, e.g. subjects or property owners, before submitting an image to Charter Oak for any form of public display.

Images submitted in any form, whether print or electronic, will be handled with due care and used or displayed only as permitted by the maker. In general, the permission from the maker will be deemed to allow display only at the single competition or exhibition for which submitted and at the immediately following general meeting of the club, after which prints will be returned to the member. Electronic images will be retained until the end of the competition season, after which they may be erased. With the maker’s consent, which may be implied by submission for any competition, images may be retained by Charter Oak for further use or display in subsequent functions such as inter-club competitions or public exhibitions.

Detailed rules regarding the administration of the Charter Oak competitions can be viewed using the Competition/Competition Rules link on the top menu.