April 2020 Revision.

All entries must conform to COPS Competition Rules.

These submission requirements and procedures apply to both digital and print images. Although physical prints are judged in a print box, their digital versions may be projected for the entire audience’s benefit.

Image Preparation

Color spacesRGB for color
Gray Gamma 2.2 for untinted monochrome
Image size11400 x 1050No images larger than 2MB
Image resolution2Up to 300 dpiNo images larger than 2MB
File name / Submission title3Short title, 40 characters max.
Title contains only letters, numbers & spaces (e.g., South-Western Red Cactus).
No punctuation, special characters ($,?, etc.) or symbols.
No need for your name, date, or other data.
File extension.jpgCannot use .jpeg
NAT designation4If an image complies with PSA Nature Photography rules, include NAT at end of title.
  1. Image size rules are subject to change. As of August 2019, image sizing cannot exceed 1400 pixels horizontally or 1050 pixels vertically.
  2. Select a resolution that produces an image file size no larger than 2 MB.
  3. File name and submission title can (but need not) be identical.
  4. For PSA Nature Photography rules, see Competition Rules (Appendix D).